A Guide to Installing FS 19 Mods

September 24, 2020


Installing FS 19 Mods

So, you have downloaded your new FS 19 mod! But you do not know what to do now. Well, it is so simple! Just follow along and you will know how to do it in no time! This will take around 2 to 3 minutes and then you have your new Farming Simulator 2019 mod installed!

This is the perfect guide for how to install FS 19 mods because we go through it step by step!

1. Find your downloaded mod!

Look for your newly downloaded mod, if you do not know how to download mods, please refer to this guide on how to download FS 19 mods! Once you have found it copy or cut the file (while clicked on the file hold CTRL+C or CTRL+X)

FS 19 Mod

2. Paste the mod into the FS 19 mods folder!

Paste your file into the FS 19 game mods folder! Located at: ‘C:\Users\your_user\Documents\My Games\FarmingSimulator2019\mods’. Once this is pasted in you should see the file in the folder!

FS 19 Mod Install

3. Open FS 19 and check your mod list!

Open your Farming Simulator 19 game and go to your mod list, here you should see your newly installed mod. If it is here, you can go straight into a game and play! You can download more mods by following our guide on how to download FS 19 mods!

FS 19 Mod List

That is it! You have installed your new FS 19 map, tractor or building. Now all you need to do is download more! Find out how to do so with our guide on downloading FS 19 mods!

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