Campagne Bretonne FS19

Welcome to Campagne Bretonne - FS map.

Created by SoModding

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FS19 Campagne Bretonne Mod

Welcome to Campagne Bretonne - FS map.

This map includes cows, horses and cultures.

  • Three farms (Cows) (cultures) (Horses).
  • Realistic map with everything inspired from real landscape.
  • New plough texture.
  • Detailled in every places
  • 1 cooperative, 1 selling point for wool and eggs.
  • XX fields differents (scale and form).
  • Updates PDA.
  • Some models are created by me.
  • Forestry,sawmill area included.
  • Various custom sounds across the map.
  • Multi terrain angle (pc only)

I Hope you all like this map.