Greenwich Valley FS19

Welcome to the sunny countryside of Greenwich.

Created by GreenBale

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FS19 Greenwich Valley Mod

Welcome to the sunny countryside of Greenwich. This map is completely fictional and nothing is based of a real place.

Sleep Triggers are located in the house at the grain farm. There is also a working TV and a radio in the house. lime can be Purchased from the BGA or R.K Blair farm supplier.


  • 4 Detailed Towns
  • Multi terrain angle
  • 7 Buy-able yards
  • Built in cows, pigs, sheep and horses
  • 125 fields
  • 7 sell points

A new Save will need to be created for all the new yards to work correctly.


  • Redesigned cow, sheep and storage yards
  • Added Season Support
  • Fixed gates for Competitive Farming
  • Sell-able House and Grain silo
  • New resigned Wind Turbines
  • Added second BGA
Greenwich Valley FS19

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