La Coronella FS19

Author: erShaba

October 18, 2020

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La Coronella FS19

FS19 La Coronella Mod

Welcome to La Coronella 2.0. This map is an improved and expanded version of La Coronella. On this map you can get the most
Farming Simulator 19. The map has undergone important changes with respect to its predecessor, here you can enjoy 2 new crops, El Garbanzo and La Lenteja,
in addition, in the Farm you will be able to use pre-installed silos to store almost all the basic game products and the new ones present here. The map is translated into
English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and of course in Spanish. I wish you a happy game and enjoy simulated farming.
-The prices of the products produced by the Factory Pack have been adjusted.

-The map has been adapted to be used with the Placeable Factories Mod.
-Now you can sell the factories pre-installed on the map. Keep in mind that if you sell it you will not be able to buy that factory again.
-To sell the factories, you must first have the land where they are owned and then the same operation as with the placeable factories.
-Recommended to sell some factories or stables already installed on the map before placing some of the placeable factories of the modPack.
-Now you can sell, if you wish, the pre-installed stables on the map.
-Now you can buy the terrain and place placeable items in the old factory located north of the map.

-The height of the Supermarket point of sale was adjusted.
-The intensity and scale of some lights that were included in the farm in the previous version were readjusted.
-Um die Fabriken zu verkaufen, müssen Sie zuerst das Land haben, auf dem sie sich befinden, und dann den gleichen Betrieb wie bei den platzierbaren Fabriken.
-Empfohlen, einige Fabriken oder Ställe zu verkaufen, die bereits auf der Karte installiert sind, bevor einige der platzierbaren Fabriken des modPack platziert werden.
-The height of some buildings was modified.
-Added animation in the Lake. The water level will rise or fall at certain times of the day.
-Now you can sell the chickpea straw at La Coronella, Fertilan and El Pajar.

Credit: erShaba

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