Minibrunn FS19

A mini-map for lovers of small agricultural machinery and all who want to become one of them.

Created by TopAce888

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FS19 Minibrunn Mod

Welcome to Minibrunn

A mini-map for lovers of small agricultural machinery and all who want to become one of them. But if you like, you can also start with the Big Bud. The map offers all FS19 features (except a drivable train) on a 65-acres playground.

The fields are basically helper-friendly. I have tried to give the helper as much space as possible, but due to the narrowness it can happen that the helper has difficulties recognizing or turning over the fields. A headland is a good option in this case. For fields with trees, it is advisable to always start the helper at the tree side.

For painting the new plants in the landscaping tool, just select sequentially the grass texture for grass, bushes, weed or flowers. They all have slightly different preview pictures. It is now also possible to paint mud, just select the appropriate texture in landscaping. On the ground, earth is painted, which turns into mud during rain.

This map includes scripts, textures and objects with kindly permission of derelky, eribus, ludimusi, RitchiF, farmerfivetom and marmoe.

Have fun in the idyllic Minibrunn. If you upgrade from, no new savegame is needed.


  • Seasons-ready
  • compatible with Maize-Plus and Forage Extension (only PC/MAC)
  • real mud which can be painted via landscaping and turns muddy during rain (only PC/MAC)
  • multi-terrain-angle (only PC/MAC)
  • multiplication grass as new fruit type (with extra crop definition for seasons)
  • expanded landscaping with two new plants to paint (with grass ground texture)
  • 18 fields and 2 meadows between 0.5 and 2.5 acres
  • the fields can be easily shared into larger ones
  • forest areas with about 7 acres forest area
  • biogas plant
  • 8 selling stations for all standard fruits
  • with or without courtyard buildings and vehicles (depending on the level of difficulty)
  • AI pedestrian and traffic
  • two waterholes
  • two lime silos, as well as permanently installed silos for seeds, fertilizers and herbicides
  • mission system (including transport mission)
  • livestock is not permanently installed

Changelog V2.4.1.0

  • mud-script Update (fixes error with sinking tires)
  • added two new ground textures (cobblestone)
  • fixed texture distortion at the crossroads
  • recreated PDA map


  • fixed missing multiplication grass in farm silo
  • deleted not used textures and files
  • added puddles for painting in landscape mode (dirt and mud)
  • new ground texture "concrete damaged" added for painting
  • weeds and more bushes added for painting
  • added different preview textures for grass with bushes and flowers in the landscaping tool
  • Seasons: lucrative snow missions added
  • added support for MaizePlus and Forage Extension (without additional fruits / only PC/MAC)
  • texture names when painting over landscaping are now displayed (only PC/MAC)
  • added paintable real mud (turns into mud during rain / only PC/MAC)
Minibrunn FS19

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