Sandy Bay FS19

Welcome to Sandy bay 19.... This map is set in Devon uk and is fictional.

Created by Oxygendavid

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FS19 Sandy Bay

Welcome to Sandy bay 19.... This map is set in Devon uk and is fictional.


(Due to so many changes a new save game is required!)

  • Added waves on the sea at the sea front
  • New fruit hedges These can be planted to make field boundaries or ploughed to be removed. can

also be painted in the in game tool. (Needs my McConnel reach more mod to be able to cut )

  • 4 new fruits added "onions,carrots,clover,field-grass harvesters and balers etc are all included

in map.

  • Density heights increase

  • Increased MTA to 32 angles

  • You now have to muck out sheep and put bedding down at sandy bay farm

  • Map now supports the manure mod

  • Alfalfa now ferments and regrows in seasons

  • Fixed trees by field 36

  • Hole in shed at main farm fixed

  • Tweaked grain dump point at sandy bay farm

  • Pit at pig farm ground fixed

  • Texture on andys autos fixed

  • Chickens and combine textures fixed

  • Fixed horses crash

  • Fixed slight texture at beef farm clipping by old building

  • Fixed pig manure spawn point

  • Fixed pier

  • Fixed watered plane in winter

  • Fixed animal transports (cows)

  • Added rye to both silos storage

  • Telegraph pole clip distances fixed

  • Fixed car at train station on transport

  • Fixed chickens cleanness

  • Added concrete to landscaping tool

  • Loads of tweaks across the map

  • Tweaked sandy bay silage bunkers

  • New animals calf husbandry. full credits to "andy farmer" the creator of Hof Bergmann map. Thank


  • Full seasons support with many extra features (flooded roads and fields in winter also potholes appearing

and being fixed on roads in different seasons)

  • 2 new fruits (ALFALFA and RYE)
  • New grass textures (cut grass texture/ distance etc)
  • Speed cameras around the map and police cars that will fine you for driving over the limit.
  • Custom ground textures
  • Custom Wheat/barley textures (author forgotten fruits)
  • 46 fields from small to medium and large
  • over 8 sell points Bga,sawmill and other places
  • Dof (graphics) has been removed to improve fps and distance blurriness. (seasons)
  • Totally new lighting Engine (More dramatic dawn and dusk lighting. better clouds and more vibrant


  • lots of animated objects to bring the map to life (boats planes etc)
  • AI tractors in fields outside map border
  • Total traffic upgrade with better object detecting, faster etc.


  • 5 farms (3 cows and 2 sheep pastures) chickens,horse,pigs.
  • Custom Snow missions
  • 40 fields with missions on

I hope you all enjoy this map.

Sandy Bay FS19

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