SLC-John Deere 7000 Series

The SLC-John Deere 7000 Series is a great machine from the 80s and 90s.

Created by SrVertex, MARKIN, Miotto Modding, Holzs-ML

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FS19 SLC-John Deere 7000 Series Mod

The SLC-John Deere 7000 Series is a great machine from the 80s and 90s.

SLC-John Deere 7000 Series:

  • Price: €55000
  • Capacity: 4800L
  • Configurations: Glass, Exhaust Pipe Tip, Cabins, Hitch, Engine, Model.
  • Engine Settings: 7100: 138HP, 7200: 148HP, 7200 Turbo: 162HP
  • Cabins: Contains 2 closed cabins, one open and also without cabin.
  • Glass Configuration: Optional Light and Dark, being clear inside, improving vision.
  • Realistic physics, trigger lever animations, Realistic Straw Row, increased Smoke and Particles, animated lights panel.

SLC-John Deere 318 Master:

  • Price: €9,500
  • Side Nozzles with Terrain Typography.
  • Work Size: 5.48M


  • Model Option: SLC/JOHN DEERE
  • General bug fixes
  • Added flexible animation at the tip of the Discharge Pipe
  • Added new tire options
  • Adjusted Tire Options
  • Fixed Inverted Tires in 4x4
  • Increased mass added to 4x4 tires
  • Animation added to the awning of Cabin 2
  • Animation for Cutting Bar Reel Rotation Speed
  • Cutting Bar Follows better undulating terrain, reducing overhangs and snags
  • Cutting Bar Nozzles Swinging More
  • Fixed very reflective Chrome Glazing in Cabin 2


  • 3D tracks added
  • Physics and mass corrections
  • New tire options
  • Added rice tires
  • New store icons
  • Added optional 4x2 and 4x4WD axles
  • Adjusted straw cutter animation
  • Added sounds to trigger the track (working sounds)


  • Problem adjusted and corrected with flexible cutter
  • Adjusted cutterbar texture
SLC-John Deere 7000 Series

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