Walchen 2K20 FS19

Author: Austro Modding Gemeinschaft

September 20, 2020

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Walchen 2K20 FS19

FS19 Walchen 2K20 Mod

Welcome to the Walchen in Austria. On this map you will find deep blue mountain lakes, steep meadows, medium to small fields. Some courtyards are still waiting for you to be maxed out in multiplayer.

All of this is bound up in a beautiful and lovingly decorated landscape. This map is in beautiful Salzburg. The map offers over 170 land that can be bought. 10 farms and much more are waiting for you!

We hope you enjoy and have fun exploring the wonderful Map Walchen 2K20. This map is seasons and manureSystem ready

Credit: Austro Modding Gemeinschaft

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