Top 2021 BEST Maps In Farming Simulator 19 - best farming simulator 19 mods

Blog :: Top 2021 BEST Maps In Farming Simulator 19 - best farming simulator 19 mods :: Published - 12/22/2020

Ravensberg FS19

Ravensberg fs19 mod

We have Ravensberg. This map is set in Germany and contains two pre-built farms that you can start your career on as well as a total of 4 towns, 44 fields (large, medium, and small), 18 forests, and 7 grass meadows.

This map not only has a beautiful landscape with a railway, villages, and great detail but also lots of custom textures including grass, flowers, and more! Voted best farming simulator 19 mods.

Checkout the Ravensberg mod

Kornau FS19

Kornau fs19 mod

We have Kornau. Set in a vast mountain range, you are located in the centre of them.

In this map there are a lot of fields, with a big valley full of both small and large fields, and other smaller valleys containing villages and towns. This map is very appealing with the mountains in the background and the range in terrain, some areas being hilly and others flat. We believe it is the best fs19 map to try.

Checkout the Kornau mod

Minibrunn FS19

Minibrunn fs19 mod

We have Minibrunn. This map is perfect for players that love small fields and small machinery. This map is very small with most eras being narrow and a challenge to farm in, but that is what makes the map great.

This map also has built-in realistic mud, so when it rains, the mud can create a challenge, with your tractors becoming stuck in the mud. There is a large forest, with other smaller ones scattered around the map, the fields can also be shared into larger ones using a plough or the landscaping tool.

Checkout the Minibrunn mod

Purbeck Valley Farm FS19

Purbeck Valley Farm fs19 mod

We have Purbeck Valley Farm. Purbeck Valley is set in Dorset, UK, with the view of Corfe Castle (a popular, 11th Century ruined castle in Dorset) in the background of the map.

There are 4 farms that you can use, an arable farm, a dairy farm, a sheep and chicken farm, and a pig farm. With the custom ground textures and beautiful landscape, this map is very good. If the 4 farms were not enough for you however, you can go to the multiple forests around the map and make some extra money that way!

Checkout the Purbeck Valley Farm mod

GreenRiver 2019 FS19

GreenRiver 2019 fs19 mod

We have Green River. This map has over 160 acres of fields with some small and other large, a wide range of animals that you can take care of, or If that does not suit you then you can have a try at the forestry aspect of this map.

There are also lots of field missions too for you to have a go at, so if you need some extra cash for your farm of vehicles, then you can try some of these.

Checkout the GreenRiver 2019 mod

Homestead Economy FS19

Homestead Economy fs19 mod

We have Homestead Economy. This map is very new and came out just 2 days ago and is growing fast! This map is perfect for those that over small fields and narrow roads, with over 50 fields crammed into this tiny map, it can be a real challenge, even for experienced players.

There is a small forest as well as a mission system that includes transport missions around the map.

Checkout the Homestead Economy mod

No Man's Land FS19

No Man's Land fs19 mod

We have on this list is No Man’s Land. This map is a very different map, as you will most likely know. It does not follow the same patterns as most FS 19 maps, with no farms that you can start on or fields that can be bought.

It is all just flat, abandoned land for you to grow. The reason this map is so great is that it adds something Farming Simulator 19 lacks, survival maps. You start with nothing, and you grow up your empire until you have built your own farm and fields.

Checkout the No Man's Land mod

Lone Oak Farm FS19

Lone Oak Farm fs19 mod

We have on the list is Lone Oak Farm. This map is set in Oregon, USA. This map is a farming simulator 19 classic map, with it being not only the highest rated map in FS 19 but also one of the most downloaded of all time. This is for good reason. One thing I love about this map is the custom textures.

They are really well done and make the map much more unique. The 55 fields contain many missions to keep you entertained for hours, so you will not get bored with this map any time soon!

Checkout the Lone Oak Farm mod

Little Norton FS19

Little Norton fs19 mod

We have on this best FS 19 maps list is Little Norton. This map is a fictional map set in England. Once again, this map has a custom lighting engine, making colours look much more life-like and realistic.

This is what makes this and the previous map so great, the lighting makes it look so much more realistic and higher quality. This map has over 50 fields, all of different sizes, and that is what makes this map fun, you can always choose a different field to work on!

Checkout the Little Norton mod

Thank you for checking out the best fs19 maps in 2021. Hope we can show you more interesting maps soon.

Top 2021 BEST Maps In Farming Simulator 19 - best farming simulator 19 mods

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