The BEST Maps In Farming Simulator 19 (PC and Console)

October 11, 2020

Best FS 19 Maps

The BEST Maps In Farming Simulator 19 (PC and Console)

Baltic Sea FS19

The first map we have on this list is Baltic Sea. This map is one of my all-time personal favourites for FS 19 as it has so many fields, a beautiful landscape and best of all the map is really realistic. With features such as shop opening times and seasons support, this map is one of the best FS 19 maps for realism!

This map also comes with a cowshed, pigsty, sheep pen and chicken coop as well as a biogas plant that are all ready to be used by you and your farm! The farm is also surrounded by a stunning beach with an amazing view of the sun.

This map has it all, from realism to scenery, making it one of the best maps for every single Farming Simulator 19 player!

Baltic Sea

Bajeczna FS19

Moving on to the second map we have Bajeczna. This is a Polish map set in a nice, small village. This map was recommended to me around a month ago and I have to admit, it is one of the best FS 19 maps have played on in a long time.

This map has a total of 3 farms, spread out throughout the map, as well as a huge 94 fields and 110 areas, including meadows and forests. The fields on this map are fairly small, meaning that smaller equipment is necessary. I personally like3 this as it is much more realistic, however sometimes this can be challenging.

This map is packed full of cool features like when the map becomes dark at night, streetlights and house lights turn on, adding that extra realistic feel.

This map also contains full seasons support. Also, another bonus feature is the forestry aspect of this map. It has many forests, small and large, around the map, this is perfect for players that want extra options in terms of income or even just gameplay!


Lawfolds FS19

The next map we have on this list is Lawfolds in Aberdeenshire! This map is based around a real working farm in the hills of Scotland. There are two additional farms, East Law where the sheep can be found, and Newton, where the Cows are found.

This map features much more realistic pricing of crops, vehicles and buildings as well as three huge working farms that can be bought and expended at your own pace.

This map is a great map for my UK subscribers as it incorporates all the usual characteristics of a map set in the UK, small fields, hilly terrain and rainy weather! You have 4 different sell points across this map that can be found amongst the hills, here you can sell the various crops in the game. Overall, this map is very good looking and has a lot of potential with players!


Switchback Canyon FS19

Next on this list we have Switchback Canyon. This is a logging map that is set in the US. There is a large canyon that can be seen throughout the map, with extremely hilly terrain and mountainous roads, this map can be quite a challenge.

Most of this map is extremely hard to navigate with dirt roads and a lot of trees, making finding certain points a struggle.

There is a large sawmill that can be found around the bottom left of the map. Both sides are connected by one bridge, making it challenging to cross the river.

Switchback Canyon

Kornau FS19

And finally, the last on this list we have Kornau. This map is set in Germany, with several small villages, a large number of fields, over 127 buyable areas of land including meadows, fields and farms and best of all full seasons support!

This map is one of the best European maps that I could find, with stunning scenery and it was also very realistic.

The map has a few valleys, mainly small, but there is a large valley that contains small and medium sized fields! Overall, this map is great for people that want a German map in their game!


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