The BEST Maps In Farming Simulator 19

Blog :: The BEST Maps In Farming Simulator 19 :: Published - 10/20/2020

Dalton Valley Farm

Dalton Valley Farm fs19 mod

The first map we have is Dalton Valley Farm! This is a really nice map that is set in the UK, around Sussex. The reason I like this map so much is the way you can farm your own way. What I mean by that is you can choose exactly how and where you want to start your farming journey.

There are lots of farms to choose from on this map meaning that you can find one that fits exactly what you are looking for. Around this map you will find Cows, Pigs, Sheep, Horses, Chickens and Goats; you will have plenty of fun with the animals on this map! Water fill points, workshops, fuel refill and Silos are on each farm, but you can start from scratch if that is what you like!

There is an auction area near the main shop where you can buy animals but the shop, sell point and BGA are only open between 8am and 7pm, adding an extra sense of realism! This map not only has the regular Farming Simulator 19 crops but also Rye, Triticale, Spelt and Lucerne. This map is perfect for anyone wanting a level of customisation and also a wide range of jobs to do!

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Lubelska Dolina

Lubelska Dolin fs19 mod

Moving on to the second map we have Lubelska Dolina! This map is set in the East of Poland, around the Lublin area of Poland. This map is based on the FS 17 version, but they have added a lot of new animals, crops, mod support a features all for FS 19!

This map has a total of 5 farms (cows, sheep, chickens, pigs and horses) with each having a unique design that is ready to be edited to your taste! It also has 190 fields (including meadows), 4 selling points, a huge forest, hilly terrain, new crop textures and even missions on the fields; just in case you need that extra cash!

This map has a great landscape and view, with even better graphics but it also great in the sense that it is very practical and fun to play on as a serious farmer, which I know a lot of you guys look for in a map!

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Lone Oak Farm

Lone Oak Farm fs19 mod

Next on this list we have Lone Oak Farm. I can’t remember if I have already put this in one of my FS 19 best maps videos but regardless it is still ana amazing map! This map is a real-life replica farm in Oregon, USA which makes it even better.

This map was originally made for FS 17 by BulletBill and was converted by OxygenDavid! This map has full seasons support with many extra features as well as new grass textures (like cut grass textures), custom ground textures, 55 fields with many missions and even some really nice custom Wheat/barley textures!

This map definitely goes down as one of the best FS 19 maps to play on if you are looking for a realistic experience, and you are serious about farming! This map has very large fields and the map itself is huge, this makes it amazing for people that love to play on US maps!

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Little Norton

Little Norton fs19 mod

And finally, the best on this list we have Little Norton. This map is set in England, near Cornwall I am assuming. This is definitely one of the nicest FS 19 maps I have seen, with small and medium sized fields, plenty of farms to use and even unique missions that have been made just for this map!

This map also comes with full seasons support, custom lighting, large forestry areas and lots of new, animated objects.

This map is perfect for anyone that wants an English map with that extra level of realism, while keeping the beautiful landscapes, areas and fields. This map is one to truly treasure with the beautiful graphics and fields! You should definitely go check this map out!

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The BEST Maps In Farming Simulator 19

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