When is Farming Simulator 21 coming out?

October 25, 2020


Farming Simulator 21

Now that we are entering November, we would normally be seeing a brand-new Farming Simulator game! Following the patterns where the games go from mobile to PC and Console, we would normally be expecting to see a new Farming Simulator game around this time.

This year we would have been seeing Farming Simulator 21, otherwise known as FS 21. But for reasons we will talk about later, we will not be seeing FS 21 be released on the normal November release date, like Farming Simulator 19 was. So that brings the question, when will Farming Simulator 21 be released. So, today we will be going over the FS 21 release date, when FS 21 is coming out and even when you will be able to download Farming Simulator 21.

Why will FS 21 not be released in 2020?

First, lets talk about why FS 21 will not be released this November, as most of us expected. Well, there are 2 main reasons why Farming Simulator 21’s release date is not in November 2020. The main reason that we will not be seeing FS 21 come out this year is because Giants Software, the developers of Farming Sim wanted to wait to see the potential and the capability of the new, next-gen consoles (Xbox Series X and PS5). Giants Software said earlier this year that “Good morning farmers!

You may have heard it from various sources already but this year, we will release three more DLCs for FS 19 instead of releasing a new FS title.

The reason for this is, that we want to wait what the coming console generation brings.”. This pretty much means that for a while we will not be seeing FS 21 purely because the new consoles are just releasing and that, like they said, it is a much better to wait for the new consoles to be released as that way they can make a much nicer game, with nicer graphics, better performance and best of all more content for players to enjoy.

PS5 Console

The other reason is the obvious, with the current events of 2020, I would assume Giants Software have been out of the office and not been able to develop/work on games as much as they could have done in previous years. This year has certainly delayed their efforts in creating the game, thus we will have to wait longer, most likely into next year for FS 21.

FS 21 Release Date

When is FS 21 coming out?

That leads us nicely onto the next topic. So, when will Farming Simulator 21 release? We obviously do not have a certain release date for FS 21, but we can estimate fairly accurately. So let us break it down, Farming Simulator 19 released in late November 2018. We can assume, using this information that FS 21 will follow the same pattern, however we do not know if that will be this year or next. That brings us back to Giant’s message, in it they said, “this year, we will release three more DLCs for FS 19 instead of releasing a new FS title”, so this year they will not be releasing FS 21.

My estimate for the FS 21 release date is October 2021. I can say this is fairly accurate, based on a few factors such as previous release patters, the message they gave and also the time it takes to develop a game such as FS 21. So, let us say that if they started work on FS 21 as soon as the new consoles were released, we should expect to see the game be teased with a trailer around June/July 2020, in FarmCon, granted that FarmCon will be on in 2021.

Then, we should expect to see a release towards late October, in the best-case scenario. However, it could be later if more rules limit their teams and create delays in development. I cannot predict the future but, in my opinion, October 2021 is the best estimate we can make right now!

FS 21 Gameplay

Anyway, I hope that cleared up any questions that you guys have about the Farming Simulator 21 release date!

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